Serving Oxygen & Kombucha Tea

Possible Benefits of Oxygen


  • Heightens concentration, alertness and memory
  • 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, and only 10% from food and water
  • Oxygen is vital to your immune system, memory, thinking and sight
  • Promotes healing and counters aging
    Strengthens your heart, reducing the risk of heart attacks
  • Calms your mind and stabilizes your nervous system
    Speeds up the body’s recovery after physical exertion
  • Provides a natural remedy for headaches, migraines, and hangovers
  • Relieves temporary altitude discomfort
  • Improves digestion and cell metabolism
  • Relieves muscle stiffness, supports pre-athletic performance
  • Lessens Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and gives you better sleep patterns

Lack of oxygen in our universe is due to pollution, burning of fossil fuels and overall destruction of the ozone layer.
Everyday we breathe 22,000 times.
Research has demonstrated that our vital lung capcity decreases 5% with every decade of life. This lung elasticity means less oxyen.
Blood is the liquid carrier of oxygen that fuels all systems, stimulates chemical reactions and cleans itself of wastes and toxins.

By mass, oxygen makes up 90% of the water molecule; water makes up 65 – 75% of the human body. The brain, which makes up 2% of our total mass, and reuires 20% of the body’s oxygen needs.
Almost all cancerous beginnings are due to lack of cell oxygenation. Cancer attacks every organ in our body, except the heart because of its abnormal supply of oxygen.



Recharge in a serene environment.

O2 Aromatherapy

Enhances both physical and emotional health. Offering different scents, ranging from floral to fruit.


We are here to help and answer your questions regarding the benifits of Oxygen and Kombucha Tea.

What is Kombucha?


Kombucha is a delicious bubbly fermented tea that has existed for many hundreds of years. It is raw, non-alcoholic and made by fermenting sweet tea with a live kombucha culture. The culture of bacteria and yeast (known as a SCOBY) that is critical in brewing kombucha, is what transforms sweet tea into a beverage with completely different properties, and not just in taste.
After fermenting, the beverage contains loads of healthy organic acids, beneficial bacteria, vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes. These works together in an adaptogenic tonic that supports nutrition absorption, digestion, liver function and detoxification, joint health, immunity, pH balance, and overall well-being.

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years.

Not only does it have the same health benefits as tea — it’s also rich in beneficial probiotics.

Kombucha also contains antioxidants, can kill harmful bacteria and may help fight several diseases.

Kombucha has been around for nearly 2,000 years. It was first brewed in China and then spread to Japan and Russia. It became popular in Europe in the early 20th century.


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